Master Programs

Applicants must have a bachelor's degree in area related to the proposed field of study. The program is composed of obligatory and optional subjects and a specialist course. In the first semester students are assigned to a specialty/seminar according to their preferences stated during enrolment (provided that they meet the entry requirements for the selected specialty/seminar). In the first semester students must attend all classes and one specialty seminar. In subsequent semesters students can choose from optional classes and electives. The list of subjects for each specialty depends on its profile. Students may choose from the offer of elective subjects. The program lasts 2 years (4 semesters). To obtain a master's degree, students must write and defend a master thesis.


Managerial Economics


International Relations

Political Science

European Studies
Journalism and Social Communication


Administration in International Organizations
Intercultural Mediation
English Philology
Image Communication (advertising, public relations, branding)
Empirical and Theoretical Linguistics (ETHEL)
LLM International & European Law
Theoretical Physics
Public History
Applied Geoscience