Student Life

Being a student in Wrocław is not only a great opportunity to study at the University, which has a 300 years long tradition, but also an unforgettable life experience in a foreign country. It is meeting new people, knowing different traditions, customs, and what is more, it's a great possibility to learn a new language.

To help you adapt to life in our city and the University, we've prepared many useful events so you can feel at home. During Orientation Days you have the great possibility to meet all the international students, get to know the structure of the University and feel more confident in all the organization processes.

The International Student Guide which was written by previous international students at the University of Wrocław, gives you all the information about accommodation, transport, papers, food, pubs and clubs in Wrocław.

Finally, the testimonials can give you different points of view on what it is like to study in Wrocław.