Tourism and Hospitality

Program Coordinator
PhD Magdalena Duda-Seifert

Tourism is a proposal for the English speaking students not only from European Union but whole the world. Our offer embraces two important aspects in tourism - spatial and economic one. The first group of the lectures refers to the tourist space in the regional approach presenting the most important tourist values and attractions of the chosen continents, countries and regions, stressing the areas which refer to the scientific tasks of the University. Second group of the lectures invokes the economic aspect of the tourism. Some of the topics offered by our Institute directly or indirectly present the trends in the contemporary tourism pointing the directions of its development and preparing to the responsible acting in this dynamic market. Due to the specific group of students from all over the world the way of studying, in some of the lectures and exercises, focuses more on their own work, literature research and presentations of the solutions to the different problems common on the tourist market. Our program offers also a practical approach realized during the field trip where each student gets the practical knowledge about one of the most important tourist destination in Europe and learn the difficult task of the tour-operator and a tourist guide. This prepares the students to work in the changing conditions so characteristic for the tourist market and to define and solve scientific problems, a skill welcomed while preparing master thesis. It is worth stressing the studying at Tourism is a unique experience and a chance to meet representatives of different regions, cultures and a perfect place to exchange the opinions about the world of tourism.

1st Semester

2nd Semester

The semester includes optional lectures (3 ECTS, 45h) and a modern foreign language course - level B2+ (60h).

Optional lectures in 2nd Semester

3rd Semester

The semester includes exam from a modern foreign language - level B2+.

4th Semester

The semester includes Master Thesis Research (20 ECTS), optional lectures (3 ECTS, 45h) and Physical education (30h).

Course nameECTSLectureClassesSeminarLaboratory
Cultural tourism21212
Geography of tourism of Africa215
Seminar 4330

Optional lectures in 4rd Semester