International Relations - Global Studies

Program Coordinator
PhD Łukasz Fijałkowski

Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)

Language of instruction: English

University of Wrocław, Faculty of Social Science, Institute of International Studies


Recent political and economic changes in Europe have increased the demand for specialists in the field of international relations. To meet these needs, the Institute of International Studies introduced a program focusing on International Relations. The Program is designed to equip students with a significant knowledge in some of the contemporary international issues such as the international system, issues of globalization and regionalization, development economics, international human rights protection, commercial law and international economics. Within seminars students can focus on issues related to areas such as Diplomacy, European Integration, Global Problems, International Communication or International Economic Relations.

M.A. studies program offered by Institute of International Studies contains ca. 1150 hours of courses equivalent to 120 ECTS points. Students are obliged to write M.A. thesis under the supervision of a Institute member.

1st semester

30 ECTS from compulsory courses, see list below

2nd semester

26 ECTS from compulsory courses + 4 ECTS from additional courses, see list below

3rd semester

18 ECTS from compulsory courses + 12 ECTS from additional courses, see list below

4th semester

Course nameECTSLectureClassesSeminarLaboratory
Individual Diploma Seminar1040
MA thesis defence and MA exam10
20 ECTS from compulsory courses + 10 ECTS from additional courses, see list below