Student ID card (Legitymacja studencka) is the most important document for each student. You need legitymacja to borrow books from the libraries, to obtain discounts on public transport, cinema and museum tickets etc. You can get your legitymacja in the Dean's Office of your Faculty (Dziekanat).


It cost 17 zloty and you can pay for it only via bank transfer or at the post office using the special slip payment. It is different for each student and you need to download it from your USOSweb account: Student's Section-->Payments-->Uncleared Debts-->Download Payments Slip. When you get the stamp from the post office or bank on your slip payment you need to present it in your Dean Office in order to get your student ID card.


Office Hours of your Dean Office:


Faculty of Philology

Dean-Office, PL. nankiera 15, r. 12

Monday        10.00-14.00

Tuesday        closed

Wednesday 10.00-14.00

Thursday       11.00-15.00

Friday             10.00-14.00


Faculty of Social Sciences

Dean-Office , ul. Koszarowa 3, r. 27

Monday        closed

Tuesday        9.00-13.00

Wednesday 9.00-13.00

Thursday       9.00-13.00

Friday             9.00-13.00


Faculty of Historical

and Pedagogical Sciences

Dean-Office, ul. Szewska 48, r. 101

Monday        11.00-14.30

Tuesday        11.00-17.00

Wednesday closed

Thursday       9.00-12.30

Friday             9.00-12.30


Faculty of Chemistry

Dean-Office, ul. Joliot-Cure 14, r. 9

Monday        10.00-13.00

Tuesday        10.00-13.00

Wednesday closed

Thursday       10.00-13.00

Friday             10.00-13.00


Faculty of Biotechnology

Dean-Office, ul. ul. Joliot-Cure 14a, r. 0.08

Monday        10.00-15.00

Tuesday        closed

Wednesday 10.00-15.00

Thursday       closed

Friday             10.00-15.00


Faculty of Earth Sciences

and Environmental Management

Dean-Office, ul. Kuźnicza 35, r. 2(II floor)

Monday        10.00-14.00

Tuesday        10.00-14.00

Wednesday   8:00-12:00

Thursday       11.00-15.00

Friday            closed


Faculty of Biological Sciences

Dean-Office, ul,  Kuźnicza 35, r. 20

Monday        8.00-12.00

Tuesday        8.00-12.00

Wednesday   closed

Thursday       11.00-15.00

Friday            11.00-15.00


Faculty of Mathematics

and Computer Sciences

Dean-Office, ul. F. Joliot-curie 15, r. 28

Monday        11.00-14.00

Tuesday        11.00-14.00

Wednesday   11.00-14.00

Thursday       11.00-14.00

Friday            closed


Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

Dean-Office, Pl. M. Borna 9, r.102

Monday        9.00-13.00

Tuesday        9.00-13.00

Wednesday closed

Thursday       9.00-13.00

Friday             9.00-13.00


Faculty of Law, Administration

and Economics

Dean-Office, ul. Uniwersytecka 22/26, r. 22a

Monday        9:00-15:00

Tuesday        9:00-15:00

Wednesday   9:00-17:00

Thursday       9:00-15:00

Friday             9:00-15:00