Semester Course of Polish Language

We encourage you to take Polish Language Course during the semester (twice a week 2x1,5 h) provided by the School of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners - Szkoła Języka Polskiego i Kultury dla Cudzoziemców.


pl. Nankiera 15, room 6

Tel. 071 3752570

To apply for the course please visit the website:


20th September for the first semester

20th February for the second semester

You can get 6 ECTS:
1. regular participation (minimum 46h),
2. provision of two papers (homework),
3. obtaining positive results in the final test (minimum 50%).

Please note (very important)!

Students who do not meet the conditions mentioned in point 1 and 2 will not be able to take the final test.
Therefore, they automatically won't receive their grades and credits, and Polish language class will not
be included in the Transcript of Record.

One semester of Polish Language Course is free of charge for exchange students.