International Economic Transactions

Prof. Marek Wróblewski
Number of hours: 
2h X 15 weeks = 30 hours (1 semester)
Number of hours: 
2h X 15 weeks = 30 hours (1 semester)

Students will be competent in understanding of the most important economic techniques, processes and phenomena occurring in the international business sphere including the most important conditions (global and regional) in carrying out international economic transactions. Also students will possess the ability of in-depth analysis of the effectiveness of economic transactions with foreign partners. Students will gain the ability to autonomously evaluate and choose trade techniques used in the international environment as well as to analyse crucial market informations. Furthermore, the exercises will be creative thinking practice in solving specific business and economic problems.


Presentation and an export plan project, activity, final assessment test


Basic knowledge concerning international economic relations


The course on content-related level concerns main concepts connected with international economic transactions and includes a wider context of an enterprise activity in the world's economy. In particular the course focuses on thorough presentation of all forms of international economic transaction and kinds of markets available for the importers and exporters and methods of analysis of such markets. Moreover, the course presents all stages of preparation and realization of transactions with foreign entities. Most importantly it focuses on the accurate construction of the legal agreement, accounting techniques, and available financial sources of activities on the foreign markets. All issues analyzed also take into consideration global and regional regulations. The main purpose of the course is also to supply a practical knowledge of all stages of activity on foreign markets from the point of view of importers and exporters. The analysis will be devoted to evaluation of typical mistakes one may come across in this area of international economic transactions. Furthermore, the course is strongly correlated with global issues. It contains direct references to the global economy, international trade and investment as well as to international finance. The course also concentrates on international business standards connected with international economic transactions.