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YEAR 2012-2013


The aim of the Official Master in Applied Languages is to train specialists in practical and professional applications of languages, as society today requires experts who can respond to the different situations that derive from multilingual and multicultural contexts in different fields in the public or private sector:

-          Language teaching and learning

-          Intercultural communication

-          Linguistic consultancy 

-          Translation

-          Terminology

-          Specialised languages

-          Publishing and publication services

-          Pragmatics

-          Technological resources related to languages

-          Tourism





The Master in Applied Languages is offered in an on-line format, which means that the student will be able to follow the different subjects through the virtual campus of the University of Lleida. Moreover, it is possible to attend an on-site meeting one Saturday each month. Also, the students, if they wish, will be able to request face-to-face voluntary tutorials with the different instructors.

The Course Programme is composed of 60 credits. It includes 50 credits for 10 courses and 10 credits for a final assignment (either a practicum period in companies or institutions, or a research project).

The tuition period has the usual duration of an academic year, from October to June, distributed into two semesters. The first semester ends in January and the second semester begins in February and ends on June. The final assignment can be done along the second semester and must be presented on next September.   

The Master programme can be followed either as a full-time or as a part-time student. Each credit involves 25 hours of student work approximately.


The Master's official language is Spanish. In some subjects, the teaching staff may incorporate English and Catalan as vehicular languages for those students who wish so, thus offering students the possibility to continue developing their competence in these languages.


Registration information:

      Pre-registration: til 12th June 2012

Registration (only for pre-registred students): 12th and 13th  July 2012

Places available: 25

More information:  

Telephone:   +34 973 70 20 64 
Fax:           +34 973 70 20 50


Active Methodology:

            ▪ Reduced groups

            ▪ Continuous evaluation

            ▪ Individual tutorials

            ▪ Stays in other universities and investigation centres (national and foreign)

            ▪ Practicum in the private or public sector.


   ◦ Teaching resources:

            ▪ Highly qualified teachers

            ▪ Participation from prestigious professionals

  ◦ Flexibility to study the degree:

            ▪ Afternoon timetable

            ▪ Personalized adaptation to the length of the study

            ▪ Recognition of previous education and training


Payment facilities:

            ▪ Registration fee at public prices

            ▪ Possibility of scholarships

            ▪ Registration fee reduction in specific cases. 


Facultat de Lletres

Universitat de Lleida

Secretaría de la Facultad

Pl. Víctor Siurana, 1

Planta baja, despachos 0.32 / 0.33

25003 Lleida